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Accidents and incidents that occur in the workplace should be recorded in the Accident Book. This are requirements under the RIDDOR regulations and it is good practice to make sure that every type of accident, injury or incident in the workplace is recorded correctly.

The information contained in accident report book may be requested by the HSE or other government department, it may also be needed to defend claims, for insurance or for other purposes. The record should include what happened, when it happened and to whom.

There are different types of Accident Book available but they are all very similar.  The first few pages of an accident book will include instructions about how the book should be completed and information about employer and employee responsibilities and summarise RIDDOR regulations.

The main part of the accident book that is used to report accidents has a box or space for an accident number.  This is so that the accident can be referenced and held on file securely.  There will be places to enter the name, occupation and postcode of the person who had the accident and for the person reporting the accident, it may be useful to also note a contact number.

The next part is about the accident itself, the date and time of the accident, where the accident happened, how it happened and if possible the cause of the accident.  If the person who had the accident was injured, providing as much information as possible, if there isn't enough space, use the back of the sheet or new sheet of paper. The individual involved in the accident should tick and sign the report whenever possible and there is a place for the employer or employer's representative to sign.

If there is any other information relating to the accident, including witness statements or photographs of the scene these should be included in the accident report.  All accidents should be investigated and used to review Health and Safety, if the person involved in the accident does not sign the report, the information should be anonymised before being handed over for internal health and safety review.

Completed accident sheets should be removed from the accident book immediately, they should be numbered and given to the nominated person to store them along with any other information relating to the report, securely in line with the Data Protection Regulations.

Anyone can fill in an accident report form. If you do not have one in your workplace already, you can download the ProTrainings accident workbook free of charge from the download area.

If you are use purchased accident books do not dispose of the covers even if the sheets have all been used.  Number the books and store them securely.  Accident records and book covers should be held for a minimum of three years.