First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “I enjoyed and benefitted from this excellent course.”

    ~ Dr Stuart W from Essex
  • “Absolutely spot on... again.”

    ~ Chris, Director / Site Manager from North Yorkshire
  • “Excellent, clear and concise and improving year on year.”

    ~ Chris, Director / Site Manager from North Yorkshire
  • “very good course ”

    ~ paul w ashby from N/A
  • “Very detailed course and presented well.”

    ~ Tom, Site Manager from Hampshire
  • “This is an excellent course. The videos are clear and engaging. Complex information is presented well. Highly recommended.”

    ~ Sophie from California
  • “Clear, concise and informative training!”

    ~ Robert, Consultant from Devon
  • “I enjoy the course very much, and your other courses too :-)”

  • “Very good way to explain the course content. As my second language is English I find the videos easy to follow and understand”

    ~ Hender, Certified Fitness Instructor from Wiltshire
  • “The videos are really well put together and very informative. This for me is the way I plan to refresh in the future. It will help me remember and stay up to date with yearly training. Thank you.”

    ~ Elvis from Cardiff
  • “I thought this was so much better than doing it in a classroom, I actually enjoyed it more and took on the information a lot better ”

    ~ Mr, road worker from Suffolk
  • “Excellent training, clear easy to follow videos, great that you can come back even when training is over to refresh your knowledge.”

    ~ Sarah, Support worker from Cambs
  • “Great refresher course videos very useful”

    ~ Tina from California
  • “Great course and material. In my opinion better than face to face training I’ve had previously ”

    ~ Lee, Project Manager from Somerset
  • “I have taken regular First Aid training for many years. This is the first on-line training I have taken part in and I am very impressed with the quality of refreshment. It has helped me keep updated of changes and to feel more confident of my practise. Thank You”

  • “Excellent very practical easily understandable course”

    ~ James, Builder from Dorset
  • “Enjoyed my annual refresher, easy to listen to and understand. ”

    ~ Mandy, Manager from Hants
  • “Really enjoyed the course best part was got to do it in my own time in my own home... Thanks ”

    ~ Naomi, Dental nurse from Wiltshire
  • “Well presented lessons.”

    ~ Robert Nigel, Saturation Diver from Northern Ireland
  • “To the point training with none of the over-dramatizing that can sometimes creep into first aid training”

    ~ Ivor, L&D Consultant / Trainer from Herefordshire
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Well thought out and interesting videos. Very helpful.”

    ~ Nic, about 2 months ago
  • “Very efficient service, great video content and very well presented”

    ~ Lee, 2 months ago
  • “I really enjoyed this training; All content is delivered clearly with in depth information. I also like the option of stopping and starting again any time.”

    ~ andrea, 2 months ago
  • “An excellent course which I use every year, and it is good to note that it is kept up to date with any change in legislation/ circumstance etc.”

    ~ Chris, 6 months ago
  • “Great way to get refresher on first aid”

    ~ Colin, 6 months ago
  • “An excellent course. Very good thinking to include the CPR procedure during this COVID-19 crisis.”

    ~ Howard Robin, 7 months ago
  • “This is a superb course. The explanations of the situations you may have to deal with are very clear and the videos are excellent. Much better than any face to face courses I've attended ”

    ~ Lynda, 8 months ago
  • “Great course, very informative”

    ~ Paul, 9 months ago
  • “all good ”

    ~ Seaune, 10 months ago
  • “clear and concise training”

    ~ Robert, 10 months ago
  • “Clear, well structured information, easy to use, and can go at your own pace. Perfect! I'd recommend it to anyone.”

    ~ Gemma, 11 months ago
  • “The course was concise but very informative. Just what I needed to reinforce my confidence that I could be a valuable first aider.”

    ~ Douglas, about 1 year ago
  • “Really good refresher course, very interesting, and easy to follow. i really enjoyed it thank you.”

    ~ caroline, about 1 year ago
  • “Very good for an online course.”

    ~ Garry, over 1 year ago
  • “As always an excellent course, keeping all up to date with changes within medical treatments ”

    ~ Howard Robin, over 1 year ago
  • “Real world advice. The trainer in the videos looks like he's done some first aid and isn't just "a presenter".”

    ~ Ivor, over 1 year ago
  • “Very informative ”

    ~ carl, about 2 years ago
  • “Excellent course to keep up the training, very thorough brilliant course.”

    ~ Michael, about 2 years ago
  • “Very good course, very thorough,”

    ~ Frank, about 2 years ago
  • “Really good course. Helps that it is split into bite-size chunks which makes learning easier. ”

    ~ Mark, about 2 years ago