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On the 1st October 2013, the rules regarding RIDDOR changed, which introduced significant changes to the existing reporting requirements. The main changes to RIDDOR were to simplify the reporting requirements in the following areas:

  • The classification of ‘major injuries’ to workers was replaced with a shorter list of ‘specified injuries’
  • The previous list of 47 types of industrial disease has been replaced with eight categories of reportable work-related illness and fewer types of dangerous occurrence require reporting.

The list of ‘specified injuries’ in RIDDOR 2013 (regulation 4) includes:

  • A fracture, other than to fingers, thumbs and toes
  • Amputation of an arm, hand, finger, thumb, leg, foot or toe
  • Permanent loss of sight or reduction of sight
  • Crush injuries leading to internal organ damage
  • Serious burns (covering more than 10% of the body, or damaging the eyes, respiratory system or other vital organs)
  • Scalpings which is where there is a separation of skin from the head, which requires hospital treatment
  • Unconsciousness caused by head injury or asphyxia
  • Any other injury arising from working in an enclosed space, which leads to hypothermia, heat-induced illness or requires resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours.

There are no significant changes to the reporting requirements for:

  • Fatal accidents; accidents to non-workers (members of the public)
  • Accidents which result in the incapacitation of a worker for more than seven days.

Recording requirements remain broadly unchanged, including the requirement to record accidents resulting in the incapacitation of a worker for more than three days.

We have put links to the latest RIDDOR regulations in the student download area.