Note: These training videos are the same videos you will experience when you take the full First Aid at Work Annual Refresher program. Your progress in watching these videos WILL NOT be tracked. You may begin the First Aid at Work Annual Refresher training at any time to start officially tracking your progress toward certification.

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Welcome to the online First Aid Course. My name is Keith and I will be guiding you through this e-learning course.

We have been training tens of thousands of people at all levels from families to healthcare professionals every day to be able to bring them the highest quality, most effective level of training. Technology allows us to do this. In the next segments I will talk about the philosophy.

These modules are in a logical sequence and once you have mastered each of the subjects, you can then move on to the interactive student test and gain your first aid certification. Spend as much time as you need on each of the modules and you can repeat videos to ensure you fully understand each section.